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The Level Bar

What is
The Level Bar

The Level Bar is a brand new barbell that promotes safety, symmetry, and mind to muscle connection. Our quality and various sized barbells come equipped with a precisely inserted bubble/construction level in the center of the barbell. When performing a barbell exercise the goal is to keep the bubble in the center of the level. This provides INSTANT feedback and shows adequate muscle balance, therefore preventing injury and building muscle. This makes our barbell ideal for all populations from youth to elderly, athletes of all ages, beginners through expert lifters, and for rehabilitative purposes! It connects the mind to muscle like never before and creates amazing squeeze throughout any bar exercise. This bar will LEVEL the playing field. 



Details on our barbells

Our barbells are solid steel with a durable, bold chrome finish. All of our barbells come equipped with 28mm diameter shafts in order to create an equal feel throughout our barbells.  Each barbell comes equipped with our Level Bar end cap logo and collar band logo that sets our bars apart from the average barbell.

What makes our specialty barbells different

This versatile barbell is accommodating across the lifespan. This product can be seen as beneficial in every lifestyle of exercise. This Form Correcting Safety Barbell will promote proper body mechanics during any barbell exercise. Connecting brain and muscle will result in a stronger, more controlled lift for all. 

Important notice about our bars

We stress that this is not a powerlifting barbell. We bring down the max load capacity on each of our barbells to ensure your safety and reduce risk of the bar bending. This bar is created for disciplined and more controlled movements providing a constant squeeze within your muscles. Yet, can be used for any barbell exercise without the use of the level!


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